Best Woodworking Tools for Beginners

Many of us have expressed sincere interest in getting into the woodwork. However, the lack of adequate knowledge on where to begin leaves us wondering how woodworkers end up getting very well in the industry. Getting the essential tools to getting the woodwork concepts themselves seems a long journey.

If you have been stuck on where to begin, I specifically tailor this post towards you. In this article, I have discussed the five essential woodwork tools that every beginner must have before diving into woodwork. This knowledge will provide you everything you need to know regarding the tools you need to set up before establishing your first build.

1. Chop Saw

This tool, often known as the miter saw is the easiest and fastest in cutting down the wood boards. This is the best tool for anyone taking on simple building tasks that use standard lumber pieces. The saw is effective when cutting both angled and straight boards. Besides, some woodworkers use the saw when creating DIY wood wall arts in living rooms and when installing baseboards.

2. Chisels

Most factory workers and skilled craftsmen often split along the line of hard work in woodworking. Craftsmen work by hand, and they are able to create joineries in instances where machines cannot. The joinery work is made precise by the use of chisels, as they help remove waste dust to allow for perfect and tight fit during wood joinery.

Chisels are made in varied sizes, shapes and materials. It's important to note that hard materials minimize the efforts needed when sharpening the tool, thus allowing for more time to work.

3. Nail Gun

With a nail gun, you don’t need a hammer in your woodworking projects. These are the tools that modern woodworkers have put in place to perform the tasks of hammers. Instead of having to hit on each individual nail, nail guns allow you to just pull a trigger to insert the nails into the places. You can also use the tool when installing trims or baseboards. However, the tool can’t help when adding shiplap to rooms or installing plank walls. Otherwise, this is an important tool that every beginner needs to have in their arsenal.

4. Power Drill

This isn’t a new tool, as most of us have it in our homes. Besides, it’s a tool that every caring father in law needs to gift his children during their wedding. With that, by saying that beginner needs to have this tool, they don’t need to rush to the stores to buy. The point here is that they need to get something that will yield similar results alongside making the work easier. Having said that, there’s always a way to convert hand-held drills into drill presses.  Besides, the versatility of this conversion accompanies the options of the drill accessories.

5. Wood Burning Kit

This is a very crucial tool that any serious woodwork beginner must have in their box. This tool is specifically made for woodwork perfection, especially when you want to give a new face to your house. Great dealers have woodburning kits with adjustable on-off switches and temperature control between 200ºC-450ºC.

These are the best 5 woodworking tools that you should arm yourself with as a beginner. However, the list isn’t arranged in a particular order. You only need to consider the safety of the tool as woodworking is both a fun and dangerous hobby at the same time, if you fail to take precautions.