What are the Functions of the Pieces of a Wood burning Kit?

Wood burning has been an active practice for centuries now. As such, it has seen a profound evolution over the years. Upgrades and enhancements have been done continuously to increase the quality of the end product. From the enhanced temperature control system to the sleek overall design, modern wood burning kits come highly effective just as they are efficient.

What are the types of Wood burning Kits?

Depending on the intended application of the wood burning kit, there are different kits available for just the required purpose. The two levels of skills as well as knowledge, including beginner level and professional level, require useful tools to be optimally utilized for their own wood burning purposes. There are therefore two types of wood burning kits to effectively serve their respective purposes, these two are;

Professional Wood burning Kits

These are the wood burning kits that are specially designed for knowledgeably, skilled wood burning individuals. If you have some considerable experience in wood burning then this would be the kit for you. There have been notable enhancements to the professional kits over the years that have in-turn yielded outstanding quality pyrography pieces.

Beginner Wood burning Kits

These wood burning kits have been designed to be beginner-friendly. The simple techniques used in its design allows for relatively quick understanding and is, as a result, perfect for you if you are new to and seeking to venture into wood burning.

These are what you might find in a wood burning kit along with their respective functions;

Pyrography Pen

This is the drawing tool you will use to make your artistic marks on a wooden surface. It is equipped with temperature control that allows you to conveniently regulate the amount of heat you would need throughout the activity.


Metallic or iron tips are included in the kit to be relevantly attached to the pyrography pen whenever needed. Each uniquely designed to suit a predetermined purpose, your artistic vision will boldly be expressed.

Designed Templates

In some wood burning kits, you will find stylishly designed templates that give you pre-designed cut-outs that conveniently guide you through the process. Perfect for beginners, this component allows you to employ guided skills to enhance your knowledge in wood burning.


Another convenient component that you might encounter in a wood burning kit is a variety of differently colored markers. These markers can provide necessary guidance while enhancing precision as you look to make accurate patterns on your wooden surface. Complementing the use of the cut-out templates, these markers can be used to make visible marks to be used while wood burning.

Giving you an all-round performance in effective wood burning is optimal with the Wood burning Kit. A perfect fit for both beginners and professionals, this kit comes complete with 82 pieces of uniquely designed pieces to enhance the quality of your wood burning skills.

Giving you efficient control over the amount of temperature to employ through different stages, the WBK Wood Burning Kit comes conveniently equipped with an on-off temperature control that allows you to achieve optimal temperature use.