What are the Uses of the Wood burning Kit?

To a lot of people around the world, the art of wood burning means a lot of things unique to every individual that practices it. Keeping in mind the considerable mental as well as physical efforts put into this artistic practice, it would only be natural to associate it with the relevant tools right for the job.

A wood burning kit or otherwise referred to as a pyrography kit contains a full set of the essential tools you would need to create an expression of your artistic vision. On a surface of your wood of choice, you can curve out predetermined patterns by burning marks using a metal or iron-tipped pyrography pen.

What is Inside of a Wood burning Kit?

Different kinds of wood burning kits are specially designed to meet defined purposes. Made to serve different user specifications, different kits come equipped with uniquely purposed components. It is, however, a common inclusion in most kits than not to find these two major components;

Pyrography Pen

This essential component comes with a replaceable tip that lets you conveniently switch between relevantly needed tips. Complete with adjustable temperature control, you can manipulate the amount of heat to be effectively used for different tasks.

Metal or Iron Tips

These are the differently designed components that are periodically attached to the pyrography pen whenever needed. Depending on the wood burning kit, you will find different types of tips, varying in number, shapes, and sizes. These tips can harness the power supplied to it by the user regulated pyrography pen to make controlled burn marks on a surface of the wood.

Are there Different Types of Wood burning Kits?

While wood burning kits can be employed for their purpose universally, there are specially designed kits that have been made specifically for specific purposes. These kits can be optimally utilized if they are used under predetermined conditions.

There are two types of wood burning kits built to be best used for their specific purposes, these are;

Beginner Wood burning Kits

These kits have been mainly designed to suit anyone looking to venture into pyrography as an inexperienced beginner. Featuring designed and relatively easy to assemble components, this wood burning kit will smoothly ease you into the art.

Professional Wood burning Kit

If you are adequately versed with the wood burning techniques, you would probably want to get yourself a kit that would perform just as impeccably as your well-refined skills. Luckily, just as there are kits for beginners, there are as well wood burning kits expertly designed for professionals who likely practice pyrography for a living.


The WBK Wood Burning Kit is the perfect choice for your wood burning needs. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, this model will give you quality performance to compliment your skills. With 82 pieces of detailed tips facilitated by adequate heat from the on-off temperature control, you can accurately detail your artistic expression as it materializes on a piece of wood.