Wood Burning For Christmas Gifts!

Every year we all try to find gifts that are meaningful,  needed and wanted for our loved ones at the holidays. Who wants to just buy more stuff for people to put in their piles of stuff? A time honored tradition of making a gift that can be handed down for generations may seem forgotten and arduous. But not so, when it comes to wood burning. Here are a few ideas for gifts you can create for the holidays your family and friends are sure to love! 


Here's your sign! (Sorry, Jeff Foxworthy!) If anyone in your family has a shower or a wedding coming up, the need for a wood burned sign is imminent. You can create a great welcome sign or a beautiful family last name sign for some newlywed’s front porch. Individualize your sign for their personal style or likes.  A new baby can always use a great name sign in their room! Or personalize a bassinet with a beautiful scrolling pattern. 

Make a sign for that man cave or she shed your best friend has been working on all year. People love receiving a thoughtful gift that also has that awesome, burnt wood smell! 

Charcuterie Boards!

Yes. The grown-up lunchable of our generation. Everybody loves a fancy charcuterie board. You can buy an actual board and wood burn your heart away or go rogue and make your own (it's just some wood, right). Personalize with wood burning anything from a monogram to a selfie or make a map of where which cheeses should go. 

Wood Frames

Buy some wood photo frames and personalize your wood burning heart out. (Or wood you like to build it yourself?) Your family and friends will adore you for printing photos of those magic moments throughout the year with your own handwritten, wood burnt messages. You can also use simple scrolling designs that loved ones will cherish for years to come as they change the picture out of the frame. 


Take a square of wood and anchor some handles into the sides, and you have yourself a great tray! Wood burning designs into a pine wooden tray is such a classy gift for a loved one who may use it for their dresser and cosmetic items, to carry beverages or as a holder for books and tablets. For religious friends you could wood burn your favorite Bible verses for their weekly Bible study group. Then again, your Wiccan friends may need a spot for carrying crystals and bundles of sage. 

Wooden Spoons 

Wood burn your favorite song lyrics or quotes into the handle of a wooden spoon that will be used to cook countless meals! Pair this gift with a homemade jar of sauce and recipe for extra points! Or simply pour the dry ingredients for cookies in a jar (like sand art) and tie a rustic ribbon and recipe tag to your beautifully crafted spoons. 


Decorative boxes are storage necessities for all. Small wooden boxes for jewelry all the way up to the size of a chest. Everybody needs a quality wooden box for something. You can personalize a lovely wooden box by wood burning a gorgeous picture or monogram. 


You don't have to get super carried away. Honestly, the little shelves you created in shop during high school could be personalized and made very useful! Small shelves for photos,  hanging necklaces, keys or ties are another great gift made out of wood which can be made into a priceless heirloom by purchasing a wood burning kit and getting to work. 

Wood Burning is an exciting hobby and craft. The possibilities are literally endless. Get started with a wood burning kit and you will be inspired by all that is around you with what you can create. Your loved ones will surely appreciate a handmade adult craft project!