Wood Burning Kits - This Christmas, Give a Timeless Hobby

If you’re looking for a fun and crafty Christmas gift for the artist in your life, wood-burning kits have been found under many a tree over the decades. It’s perfect for anyone – young or old - looking for a new hobby, whether you want to minimize your child’s screen time or video gaming, or you are looking for a fun activity on a rainy day.

Wood burning is the oldest art form in the world; the term ‘pyrography’ comes from the Greek words “pur” and “graphos” and literally means “writing with fire.” Beginning in prehistoric times, people used the charred ends of sticks to fashion cave drawings.

Pyrography has been officially dated to the Han Dynasty in China when it was known as “fire needle embroidery.” Native Americans used pyrography to create intricate designs on hides and drums.

While any material can be decorated with pyrography – leather, gourds, bone or horn - wood is most commonly used. The most common materials for wood burning are fine-grained lighter woods such as beech, birch, or sycamore. It’s best to use untreated, smooth, and fine-grained wood that won’t contain lots of sap or resin.

Pyrography is a creative art form that will appeal to a wide range of crafters, as it combines illustration and design skills with traditional and natural materials. You don’t have to be a spectacular free-hand artist to use a wood-burning kit. You can trace a design with carbon paper or use stencils.

Pyrography techniques vary depending on the desired outcome. Some common techniques used include:

Direct Pyrography: This technique involves free-hand drawing directly on the surface with the heated tool.

Stippling: This technique involves creating dots or short lines to create shading and add depth to the design.

Textured Shading: This technique involves shading by varying the pressure of the heated tool to create texture.

Ink Transfer: This technique involves transferring an image or text with graphite powder or carbon paper before burning the design.

Colored Wood Burning: This technique involves painting the burned design using a variety of paint or dye mediums.

Pyrography is a versatile and captivating art form that allows artists to express their creativity on various surfaces. With its unique qualities and rich history, pyrography continues to captivate artists and enthusiasts alike. 

Our wood-burning kits and pyrography machines are suitable for a variety of skill levels, from beginner to expert. Whether you want to mark your property items or create beautiful artwork, our kits and machines are perfect for a variety of purposes and techniques.

The 82-piece Wood Burning Kit

This professional kit is equipped with an adjustable on-and-off switch and temperature control. The kit contains one pyrography machine, 17 assorted wood and tips, 13 assorted wood carving tips, five assorted wood embossing tips, two hot knife chucks, two blades, a burning pen holder, a carrying case, 12 molds, 12 color pencils, and ten carbon papers.

The rapid temperature control 60W ceramic burning pen heats in approximately 15 seconds, saving energy with environmental protection. It is perfect for beginners and experts alike. The pen is built with an ergonomic design - the light, comfortable handle of the burning set allows you to operate at different positions without fatigue.

The 60W 110V Pyrography Machine

This professional 60W 110V machine includes a wood-burning detailer with digitally adjustable temperature control and a double-socket dual pen. The pen heats and cools down quickly, making tip-changing simple. The machine comes inside a storage pouch with a variety of tips.

35 Tips (2nd Gen) Wood Burning Kit

This top-selling pen, built with heated ceramic technology, heats in approximately 15 seconds, saving energy with environmental protection. It works at adjustable temperatures up to 842 °F and is suitable for wood burning, soldering, hot knife cutting, and leatherwork. This affordable kit comes with an ergonomically designed pen, 26 wood-burning tips, one knife tip, four soldering tips, a metal stencil, a pen stand, and a user manual in a zippered pouch to store and carry.

Our wood burning kits and pyrography machines are built with high-quality materials in Austin, Texas. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will give a full refund -no questions asked - as long as the product is in good condition and returned within 30 days. We ship internationally, with free shipping in the United States. Orders typically take 3-10 days. Allow extra time for Christmas gifts.